Finding the perfect body – Bodybuilding – Symmetry and proportion

Bodybuilding has undergone a strong evolution in recent years, as we well know.

An evolution that, in my opinion, has far exceeded and wreaked havoc on what may be the beauty that characterizes this discipline, destroying the essence for which physical culture was born.

The sport of bodybuilding or physical education, as you want to call it, should be a search for a design or line based on symmetry and proportions dictated by well-known canons.

Too often, I see an emphasis on developing some muscle areas and dropping others because it’s easier to fill in bizarre genetics.

Thus, most bodybuilders concentrate on having a stronger than a weak spot to fix, then abnormal physicists stand out who in proportion do not mention it at all.

Reg Park

Steve Reeve

My survey is clearly addressed to everyone, not just professional athletes, but the balance always depends on the classic old school bodybuilder.

The use and abuse of anabolic steroids has led to incredible physicists, so much so that Frank Zane or Arnold, and many others, have not even reached finalists today.
It was the evolution of training or eating. I would understand progress;

but the study of chemistry, knowledge and I can’t say research (if not in laboratory guinea pigs) is pharmacological use really progressing?

Having said that bodybuilding, real, and by real, I mean, at certain levels, 0.000009% of the world’s population attend it, for this reason the federations have created new figures such as male physique, miss bikini, etc. otherwise it wouldn’t be so. this discipline existed.

It is obvious that everyone practices and does bodybuilding according to their own canons of beauty and wisdom, but it seems that today there is more muscle development and more approval from some subjects, even professionals, and also if the criteria for proportions are not met.

Instead, it would be wise to retreat from time to time with a specific muscle group if it is too developed compared to the rest of the body.

The ultimate goal should be to develop the body with the right balance in terms of size, shape, clarity, symmetry and proportion, “muscle harmony”.

While Mr. Olympia a Mass Monster like Jay Cutler is certainly very impressive, it certainly isn’t the type of body that regular gym goers would like.

Therefore, most of the guys I train prefer to have a muscular physique similar to the old school bodybuilders.

Some may tell me because deep down they know they will never achieve such results !!

In fact, today they know very well what they must do to achieve these results, and I believe that here their added value lies in the fact that they invest in themselves, first of all, the most valuable asset that they have in their life –

This trend is evident with the growing popularity of the Male Physique Competition.

Race registrations show how the physics department is receiving more applications from Men Physics competitors than from bodybuilders.

This is how we saved the federations !!

And when we look at today’s Top Physique Competitions, they actually look like the same stereotype many old school bodybuilders have.

Steve Reeves is considered by many bodybuilding historians to be one of the most symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing bodybuilders of all time

His physique was more like a modern men’s physique competition.

Reeves was one of the earliest advocates of training for balance and body proportion rather than just trying to get big at any cost.

He was always looking for perfection in this sense and tried to achieve his ideal and personal physique.

In bodybuilding, the emphasis should be on developing a balanced physique. When this is done, symmetry will be achieved.

The key to success in bodybuilding is to increase muscle size as much as possible on an ongoing basis, keeping body fat levels as low as possible.

While these goals are paramount, the real key to bodybuilding success (both competitively and health-wise) is developing evenly distributed muscle mass – symmetrically pleasing to the body.

Developing a symmetrical body involves focusing on all muscle groups in the same way through different exercises.

The Collins English Dictionary defines symmetry as “The similarity, correspondence or balance between systems or parts of a system.

In bodybuilding, emphasis should be placed on developing a balanced physique.

When this is done, perfect symmetry and proportion is achieved.

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