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There are those who criticize him, those who despise him, and even those who taunt him while others defend him with the sword.
After reaching the peak in the first half of the year 80, bodybuilding had to go through all the colors.

Today we rarely hear about this sport, and people who make a big mistake in their assessment prefer to talk about fitness.

All this distrust of bodybuilding is not entirely unfounded.
You certainly cannot take possession of people by offering models one meter high and measuring 80 x 130 kg, and those who simply observes things without deepening can only take them. distance.

Country bullies, with their tight-fitting vests and their attitude of false superiority, then helped spread, also slightly fueled by jealousy, the urban legend according to which the equation reads:

“big muscles, small brains, let alone something else.”

Television definitely doesn’t help because it offers a group of tuxedo puppets that focus on irony and intelligence rather than physique. For heaven’s sake, nothing wrong, but a few pounds of fat and a little more muscle certainly won’t hurt him. The result of all this can only be one: Today many people criticize bodybuilding without knowing it. real meaning.
If we see a dish presented poorly or unattractively, we will probably discard it when it is arguably the best in the world.

Well, the same thing happens in time with this sport.

In fact, the term “bodybuilding” simply refers to the ability to shape the body in accordance with your aesthetic standards.

Therefore, if a person loves himself fat and eats at will, he practices fat burning. Those who focus on intelligence and knowledge follow the construction of the brain, etc. etc.

Those who use anabolic oral steroids to get huge make lifestyle choices no less criticized than those who resort to unfair tricks to make a career. In this case, this is no longer bodybuilding, but the destruction of the body, since these substances build the body on the one hand and destroy it on the other.

Those taking an endless list of supplements to improve their physique are no better off. In this case, this is a person who is looking for shortcuts, who does not believe in himself and is always looking for the easiest way to get what he wants, we can say in this case of a false construction.

Therefore, bodybuilding is a lifestyle choice, each of which has its own aesthetic ideal and pursues it more or less decisively, depending on what value it attaches.

For both male and female audiences, the most desirable physique is the physique of the models (obviously leaving aside the anorexic bodies that parade back and forth on the catwalks).

Fitness was born to achieve this goal, far from the general idea of ​​bodybuilding.

But above all, there was an unfounded fear that certain exercises or heavy lifting would turn the body into muscle mass.

It is a pity that this reasoning has no scientific basis.

For hormonal reasons, each of us has a limit to muscle building, far from the models offered by bodybuilding.
Without knowing this fundamental aspect, people today prefer to use isotonic machines. which are actually only useful for beginners who do not have the level of coordination required to do free weight exercises.

Some seasoned entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this by filling Italian gyms with expensive but ineffective machines and implementing a wellness building concept.

It’s a shame that a soft approach can lead to nothing but soft results.

I believe that the fitness of Italians has deteriorated to such an extent that choosing a wellness building has become almost mandatory.

Even fitness building has actually become too difficult a model to achieve, and it is widely believed that true well-being is to keep some bacon and do some light physical activity while from time to time.

If we continue like this, then recovery will also be impossible, and in the future we will just buy telescoping tools without actually using them.

But back to our days, fortunately today the password is still “cut but not too muscular”.

Except that this goal has become so difficult to achieve that
is also happy with a less defined physique.
Real bodybuilding can stop this phenomenon and give people the confidence that with the right perseverance, the physique they’ve always dreamed of can get.

Bodybuilding is dedication, dedication, determination and respect for your body.

And from this point of view, he has nothing to envy other sports.

It’s not easy to learn to love him right away, it will take some time.

I understand the embarrassment and distrust of those trying to lift 20 kilos on a flat bench when there is a boy nearby with a tanned body and hypercurring who lifts 150. “This is not for me, this of course he takes things, so I will never get a physique like his “- these are inevitable conclusions.
Human determination is visible in difficult times, and this is one of them.
Get over it and believe in your own means Is the first step to achieving your goals.
Believing in your means is a priority in life, and bodybuilding teaches you how to do it.

Of course I know that you don’t need to do bodybuilding to feel safer as you prefer to focus on other qualities.

But you’re not hiding behind an excuse?

Don’t you want a better physique?

To be honest … What about women?

Yes, I know that women not only look at the body, but sooner or later you will also have to go to bed, and if later, excuse the term, you will not get up a bit. embarrassment and a little, because you have testosterone levels at 90, what are you doing?

Yes, I know this has never happened to you, but how do you explain the increasing use of Viagra, aphrodisiacs and the like?

Two words about natural bodybuilding: natural bodybuilding is a term coined to establish and emphasize the canons of true bodybuilding.

Therefore, both terms are synonymous, although unfortunately this is not always the case.

It should also be noted that there are athletes who at first glance seem natural, but who are actually doping, and others for whom the opposite is true. Except in cases of more extreme hypertrophy, in which their use is obvious and mandatory, we cannot a priori say that a person takes anabolic substances just because they are very muscular.

Obesity weighing 250 pounds is certainly no ordinary person. And in many cases, besides the mountains of food, there are also important hormonal disruptions.
If this is true for the obese, why shouldn’t it be for the bodybuilder?

One gains 200 kg of fat naturally, and the other cannot gain 20 kg of muscle without doping?
It is no coincidence that too often we come to hasty conclusions just because we don’t have the same genetics, but above all the same determination of champions in bodybuilding?
Other than this article, I don’t overtly support bodybuilding, or at least it’s not what we used to think.

You won’t find texts suggesting extreme diets, supplements of any kind, or grueling teaching methods.

What you have read has been written to help you get the most out of your goal and always take care of your health.

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