Bodybuilding or fitness

Roberto Eusebio, Absolute national champion in body fitness, professional

Bodybuilding (bodybuilding whatever you want) and fitness. These are two different concepts. Let’s see them together. The topic of Bodybuilding has been and remains the subject of doctrinal debate and practice as experience, research, results, muscle development needs, definition and strength meet and collide in this area. Bodybuilding – in English bodybuilding – or physical education, is a sport that, with the help of weight and an appropriate diet, which does not mean doping, has as its ultimate goal a change in body composition with an increase in muscle mass where the goals are aesthetically pleasing before the competition.

In this sport, it is not easy – as in the case of “Fitness” – to go to the gym to improve your well-being and physical health (which can be explained in all exercises in the gym gym, such as aerobics, dancing, spinning, bodyweight training, etc.) and not even compete in weight lifting, as in the disciplines of weightlifting and powerlifting. The aesthetic taste of our bodybuilders pushes us to maximize muscle mass and leanness while maintaining the harmony and proportions understood by bodybuilding canons. We’d be happier if people understood that calling ourselves a bodybuilder doesn’t necessarily mean being a competitive bodybuilder. More than 95% of practicing bodybuilders do not participate in any competition and do not intend to do so. When people hear the word “bodybuilder”, they should think about what it really means, that is, about a person who is trying to improve their body through weight lifting, proper nutrition, supplementation.

Sometimes the word “bodybuilder” is mistakenly considered negative, which makes one think of stupid women and men with excessive muscles who use steroids. In reality, bodybuilder is a term to be used with pride, meaning that a person cares about their appearance in order to feel fit both mentally and physically. A bodybuilder is someone who cares enough about their body to be ready to train for hours, look for the right foods in stores, and cook them thoroughly. Having said that, we understand a few things: bodybuilding or bodybuilding is not for everyone. Boldenone bodybuilding . We can all go to the gym and exercise. BB already envisions a step forward in terms of training, nutrition and physical transformation. Not to mention lifestyle and genetics. I can share my ass 2 hours a day … but if I don’t sleep well, if I don’t eat, if I’m stressed. I won’t go far. Ditto for genetics.

We can try all the maps in the world, but if we’re not ready, we won’t get far. Fitness, on the other hand, reflects a softer concept, say, walkable for the masses (common people). I think Arnold’s documentary on the swinging iron captures the essence of the sensations that motivate a person to engage in bodybuilding. But this is a sport other than fitness, which not everyone can do. You have to accept it this way. Ultimately, a distinction must be made. A real BB is a natural, difficult to recommend, BB, which involves the use of only certain additives, and not others; where improvements come from fatigue, sweat, lifestyle and healthy food. But unfortunately the BB idea has to do with doped BB, Mr. Olympia, to be clear. To be honest, I watch competitions and these athletes with a playful spirit see Ronnie Coleman’s case and entertainment in general. Even if I respect the ex, Jay Cutler as an athlete (just look at the workout and discipline) and a few fat Bberzers like Malvin Anthony (who posed for guys !!) or Dexter Jackson. But even here you have to take it all with pliers. And the amount of doping substances is huge.

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