Resume sports after blocking: advice from sports doctors

Therefore, the recommendations of the FMSI apply to both professional athletes and those who are involved in amateur sports, who will have to gradually resume their activities, taking due account of the impact that an increased sedentary lifestyle compared to normal rhythms can have on them. p>

Resume activity gradually

The gradual resumption of sports after blocking means not only a gradual increase in the duration of training and intensity, but also the precise organization of the recovery time required to restore shape. The risk of injury or injury is actually very specific. The type of activity chosen to resume training becomes fundamental: in particular, stretching exercises are the basis for muscle recovery and their protection from possible injury. Exercises for balance and muscle tone should also be done early in the recovery phase of a workout. And also exercises that stimulate aerobic capacity, which should be gradually increased.

As a final step, once the body has regained appropriate physical conditions, the specific exercises of the discipline that are commonly practiced should be reintroduced.

According to sports doctors, moreover, depending on the type of exercise chosen and the degree of training, it may be useful to anticipate rest periods or days.

Duration and frequency of training

The duration of training will also increase very gradually: if during the blocking period, activity was maintained for at least half an hour a day, then sports doctors advise to gradually increase until reaching 150-300 minutes per week, as indicated in international recommendations for the volume of physical activity.

Also, when it comes to exercise frequency, it is better to do small activities every day than exercise for a long time. If this is already a universally applicable general rule, even more so in this particular case.

Exercise frequency also helps disrupt sedentary lifestyles, which can have negative health consequences, especially if you sit for long periods. Therefore, interrupting work with short workouts can be beneficial for your health.

However, everything will be related to the individual situation, based on personal athletic training and the goals to be achieved. In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor or sports coach.

Workout intensity after restart

The intensity with which one trains should also be progressive and should be appropriate for the capabilities and age of the subject.

During blocking, it is very likely that intensity was one of the most punished aspects of athletic performance, as it is not easy to maintain an intense intensity level at home. For example, those who resume work outdoors should be very careful, as physical recovery can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, and in cases of very high physical stress, you may be more prone to infections.

Sports doctors recommend that you manage mild to moderate effort, measure your heart rate or, if this is not possible, pay attention to fatigue: if, for example, you can speak while running, this means that the intensity is not too high.

What to do to avoid injury

When exercise resumes, it is important to provide exercise that will restore muscles to their original tone and return to proper aerobic function.

If, during the blocking period, you trained with exercises that can also be done at home, such as bodyweight or resistance exercises, you can continue this exercise, gradually increasing the duration of the training sessions and the intensity.

It is also important to resume aerobics activities such as jumping rope, stepping, and running. Stretching exercises are also good for the muscles and should always be done during the warm-up phase.

Potential weight gain will also be taken into account: check your daily diet, reduce your fat intake and make sure you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

In any case, especially for people with disabilities or older, it is important to consult a doctor or trainer.

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