Why are steroids bad?

They are usually hormones that the body naturally produces to stimulate functions such as growth and development, and to combat stress. Many, however, use it for injections steroids online, pills or other medications because they believe they can improve athletic performance.

Anabolic steroids , known as anabolic androgens , are the same steroids, but manufactured in an artificial form. An example is testosterone, which is a hormone that promotes male characteristics during puberty, but when taken in high doses, it can promote aggression.

Health risks

The damage that overuse of anabolic drugs such as liver dysfunction, acne, hypertension, and harmful changes in cholesterol levels cannot be underestimated cannot be underestimated. But the biggest risk is the mental plane. Those who use it excessively will be more violent and more aggressive than those who do not accept it. Plus, the damage can be irreversible and difficult to treat, even if you stop using these substances.

But are steroids dangerous?

According to some doctors, yes. Others claim that they are less harmful than some drugs such as tobacco, methamphetamine, crystal honey, and cocaine. However, many in the scientific world fear that long-term risks are underestimated. According to many experts, steroids can increase the physiological capacity of muscles, making them bigger, faster, and stronger than they would otherwise be. Steroids affect the body by altering the natural development of muscles: protein synthesis and cell repair are fundamental to muscle development.

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Skeletal muscle is made up of fibers containing proteins, and bundles of thousands of fibers form the muscle itself. When an athlete does hard training, this structure is damaged. Micro lacerations form in muscle fibers, and the body naturally repairs the damage by rebuilding the fibers. As a result, the muscles become larger and stronger than before, and with each new workout, the athlete adds strength and speed. Repair is much faster with steroid use. It usually takes about 48 hours for muscle recovery between one workout and the next, and the anabolic process accelerates so you can train more often, for longer, and recover faster.

Why is this used?

Most people who use anabolic substances are athletes and teenagers. To gain more powerful muscles or resist fatigue more, have a leaner physique than physical improvement and feel more “human”. It is actually a form of physical and mental insecurity. Those who abuse steroids try to hide their fear and insecurity under muscle mountains.

But what is the benefit / harm ratio?

Anabolic plays an important role in modern medicine, for example, they are recommended for older men who do not produce enough testosterone, or in case of loss of muscle tone or delayed puberty. These are artificial versions of natural testosterone produced in the laboratory, and their consumption is not harmful if physiological doses are not exceeded. Do not overuse steroids benefits from high performance, increased muscle mass, increased strength.

On the other hand, overuse causes harm that cannot be associated with benefits such as mental and physical disabilities, mood changes, swelling of the neck and face, liver disease, and decreased sex hormones. As a result, sexual performance deteriorates, erection problems, infertility and desire decreases, as well as cardiovascular problems associated with high blood cholesterol levels. This is also said by Dr. Andrea Militello, urologist: “Lack of testosterone leads to decreased libido, erectile failure, asthenia.

In women, the masculinizing effect is more pronounced: androgenic alopecia, the appearance of facial hair, a permanent change in voice tone, breast reduction and an enlarged clitoris.

When they are born

In 1939, German scientist Adolph Butenam received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on testosterone. Hitler did not force him to accept the prize; but during the Cold War, the Germans were at the forefront of steroid research; At the 1976 Olympics, German athletes won 40 gold medals. In fact, they followed a testosterone drug program. In the late 1970s, steroids contaminated all other sports, but relative to the Olympic Games. Only after the arrival of Canadian Ben Johnson in 1988 at the Olympic Games, which won gold in the 100 meters in Seoul, urinalysis showed that he was doping-positive, he was disqualified and lost a medal.

We have already said that anabolic steroids have the ability to develop muscle, strength, speed and endurance. These are drugs that were used many years ago to treat a variety of debilitating and chronic diseases such as anemia, malnutrition, impaired growth, and there are different types and molecules, but more or less all have the same purpose and effect.

Already in the 60s and 70s, athletes realized that with the use of these drugs productivity increases and, among other things, unlike today, this is not a real legal problem. Today, these drugs are sold in pharmacies only with a doctor’s prescription and are included in the list of doping substances prohibited for athletes, even though they are often illegally sold and distributed. However, in many countries, such as the USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, millions of people admit they are using them illegally.

Steroid use is most common among American university students who have little time to exercise and achieve success, also because, thanks to such anabolic action, muscles can achieve such a significant improvement in such a short time that can be achieved even in 50 years of training sports in normal conditions.

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